PDF To Word Converter Free 3.46

A basic program for converting a PDF file to a Microsoft Word document for free

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PDF To Word Converter Free 3.46
PDF To Word Converter Free 1.71

PDF to Word Converter is an app that lets you turn an ordinary PDF file into a Word document that you can share with others. If you ever wanted to quickly send an email without a large attachment and without slowing down your computer, this app can help.

The app comes with a series of buttons across the top that let you make your conversions and get some help. When you click on the help button, you can scroll down and click on the video tutorial. This is a short video that walks you through exactly how to use the app. It also covers some of the questions you might have. If you have any other questions, you can contact the developers behind the app.

Using this app is easier than doing the conversions yourself. You can click inside a box to find the PDF file you want to convert. This brings up a list of files on your computer and lets you find the right folder or area of your computer and then select the right file. It then shows you the total number of pages in that file and lets you choose between converting all pages, just one or a set number. You can even add page numbers to the file.

Though the app tells you where it will save the new Word document, it also gives you the option of choosing a different location and giving the file a new name. You can also choose whether or not to include any images in the original file in the conversion and whether you want the app to automatically open the file after the conversion finishes. Keeping the file closed lets you immediately do a second conversion without wasting any time.

The Pro version, which you can access through the app, makes the process even easier. This version lets you drag and drop your PDF files into a window and then automatically convert one or more files at the same time. You can even add and convert an entire folder of PDF files into Word documents. A clear button lets you clear out all the files that you selected to avoid any accidents.

One possible issue with this app is that it comes with a lot of ads. It also features pop-ups that ask you if you want to upgrade to the Pro version, which costs extra. Closing those windows can be frustrating, especially when it happens multiple times during a single conversion. The app has a tendency to ask you about other programs and apps and make suggestions of apps you might like. If you can overlook those issues, PDF to Word Converter can make converting files easy.


  • No learning curve for using it
  • Completely free
  • Has a video tutorial built-in for those who need more help


  • Has far too many ads
  • Doesn't let you select the option you want to download

The software PDF-to-word-free allows users to convert PDF files into Word documents that are compatible with text editors. The software maintains the majority of the PDF's layout, so users won't have to redesign it. PDF-to-word-free creates a special folder for the new document, but that destination can be changed before conversion. After edits are made, the file can be exported back to a PDF document that will have all of the original images, colors, and graphs. The software can be installed in seconds; it takes a minimum of hard drive space, and it works with .txt, Open Office (.odt), (.tiff) and other open-source programs as well.

PDF-to-word-free is user friendly and uncomplicated software; it takes little time to navigate. It is a valuable asset, as people share PDFs more than any other type of file. Not only does it allow users to open and read PDF documents, it also allows for quick and easy editing. Options allow users to edit output variables like the destination and name; users can also choose to convert an entire PDF document or only specific pages. The software is capable of excluding embedded images so that the conversion displays only text. PDF-to-word-free is a powerful application that allows inputs from the user code to accurately recognize and convert tables, numbered lists, bullets, newspaper columns, paragraphs, and other standard documenting features, producing editable and well-formatted documents.


PDF files are protected from being copied. However, PDF-to-word-free solves that problem so that content can be copied and pasted, even when PDF files contain embedded fonts. It can also detect font size, color, and style, as well as perform paragraph alignment. Once the file is converted, all of the text is available to view. This convenient and easy-to-use software securely converts password-protected files and unicode text. It also has a very user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). PDF-to-word-free automatically re-sizes a PDF document and converts it to the appropriate format. Lastly, PDF-to-word-free allows you to view all of the PDF's metadata and properties.

Overall, this free app has no significant conversion problems when tested. It is an amazing free software that makes converting PDF files a cinch. It is available in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.


PDF-to-word-free is available to convert only documents less than five pages, and it is valid for only 100 conversions. If the app is needed to convert PDF files on a regular basis, it may not be the best software to use. Additionally, highly-formatted and complex documents containing lots of pictures are more challenging and can produce conversion errors. Unfortunately, there is no "drag and drop" capability for this application.

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